Exterior House Painting

Whether we are painting on brick, stucco or wood, we assess exactly what you need to do. Listed below are our considerations:

  • Prep and protect the landscape such as bushes and outside furniture
  • Sand, scrape or wash the surface to smoothen it out
  • Necessary conditions are a dry climate and surface
  • Replace rotten or damaged surfaces
  • Use a top to bottom painting technique to control streaks

Interior House Painting

interior painting sample picture

Painting the interior of your house is incredibly important. For this reason, we look at a variety of aspects to ensure the best possible result!

  • Most of our time will be spent with the prep work – covering up valuable real estate like furniture, door knobs, frames and so on, in order to prevent any possible paint splashes.
  • Consider what sheen you want to use – more of it looks beautiful but highlights blemishes in the wall!
  • You might need multiple coats of paints so plan accordingly
  • Think about whether you want to use a primer – a lot of new paints have primer mixed in it, but some don’t!
  • Contemplate the choice between rollers, brushes or sprays. Rollers will get the bulk of the work done, spray adds speed, brushes clean up the edges!

Cleaning & Damage Repair

Over time your house will inevitably get cracks and holes. Entropy is a law of nature, and it is our job to assess the damage and fix it accordingly.

  • Find cracks and fill them or cover them
  • Point out wet zones, that is, humid areas unfit for painting or decoration
  • Power washing and stain removals
  • Spray away old debris and moldy wood to ensure a clean foundation for painting and other materials
damage repair cracks spray painters